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R.B. Kissan Kendra Pvt. Ltd.
Farmers are the backbone of our economy. Agriculture still contributes over 40 percent of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product). But still, Indian agricultural scenario has yet to earn the status that we may feel proud about.  The average Indian farmers are still unaware about the benefits of Crop rotation, precision farming, or commercial crops.

We choose to see the positive side of this scenario. What the entire world defines as backwardness we consider as an unexploited goldmine of possibilities. If only a respectable fraction of this sleeping potential is put into use, the whole world will be at our feet and India will emerge as a agricultural giant in no time. And that is the India we dream of.

R. B. Kissan Kendra Pvt. Ltd. is our tribute to that dream. It’s a platform with the objective of providing the farmers with infrastructure support, operational supports, coordination and control of farming activities, and strategic support. R. B. Kisan Kendra Pvt. Ltd. is a thoughtful amalgamation of friendliness of village choupaland blessings of modern technology and modern outlook. Under a single roof it assimilates all the solutions that a farmer needs to maximize productivity. It’s the window that they peep into the world outside and update them accordingly.

Round the clock high speed internet facility, specialize consultancy and laboratory facilities are the few worth mentioning. Following are the main objectives of R. B. Kisan Kendra Pvt. Ltd.;
  • Adopting measures for improving agricultural productivity
  • Imparting specialized, technological advice to the farmers.
  • Providing financial and other assistance to the farmers.
  • Recommending measures for improving marketing ability of the farmers.
  • Encouraging, assisting, and promoting crop rotation, precision farming, and commercial agriculture.
  • Providing Private mandi, Weigh Bridge, sorting and packaging facility,
And so on…….
R. B. Kissan Kendra Pvt. Ltd.  is not a one way journey. It benefits us immensely by increasing our penetration to the grass root level and by widening our understanding about the actual scenario. It helps us forming the necessary bonding, understanding, and with the actual producers of the values we create. It constructs the bridge between the farmers, us, and our clients who gives the shape of the final product by the end of the day. And it is this missing link that makes the journey a venture with a true purpose.
4111, 1st Floor Naya Bazar, Delhi 110006 (India)
Tel: +91 11 4350 9500, 2398 0500, Fax: +91 11 4308 0500
Email: rbc@rbgroup.in
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