Toovar Dal

Toovar dal is a popular legume in Indian cuisine and is also known as toovar dal, arhar dal, split yellow peas and also as split pigeon peas. The different regions of India use this dal to make a variety of traditional and tasty dishes. Toovar dal is yellow in colour and the grains are a little smaller than those of chana dal. It has a mild nutty flavor.

Toovar dal has many benefits and as it is low in saturated fats, it is cholesterol and sugar free and hence a healthy dal to eat. It can be eaten by heart patients and diabetics. Toovar dal is beneficial to the digestive system as it is high in dietary fibres. It is nutritious as it contains calcium, minerals, vitamins, iron and folic acid which are needed for a healthy body. Toovar dal is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. All these properties make toovar dal an important addition to the daily menu for a healthy meal.

Toovar dal is processed and packaged by our company using modern technology. Processing and packaging is done under strict supervision to maintain its nutrients without the addition of chemicals or other inorganic preservatives. The dal is first processed and cleaned and then packed using a superior quality of food grade packaging material to give the grains a longer shelf life, free from moisture. It can be refrigerated in its original packing for about a year and it will still retain its natural colour and flavour. The dal is also polish free and gluten free making it nutritious and healthy.

Toovar dal is used in a variety of dishes all over India. It is used along with other ingredients to make “Sambar” in South India and to make the traditional “Dhansak” by the Parsees. This dal has to be soaked for an hour before cooking in a pressure cooker with other ingredients, as per the recipe. This saves on cooking time and on fuel.

At home the dal should be stored in an airtight container to keep it fresh and free of moisture for a few months.

Nutrition Facts - Paras Toor Dal
Parameters Result Specification Test Method
Protein, g/100g 21.13 -- IS 7219:1973
Fat, g/100g 1.83 -- IS 4684:1975
Carbohydrate, g/1008 61.49 -- IS 1656:2007
Energy, Kcal/100g 346.95 -- By Calculation
Sugar, g/100g Not Detected -- IS 4079:1967
Cholesterol, mg/100g Not Detected -- FRAC/SOP/INST/078
Gluten(By Elisa), ppmNot Not Detected -- FRAC/SOP/MICRO/324
Detection Limit: Sugar - 1.0 g/100g, Cholesterol- 0 2 mg/100g, Gluten (By Elisa)-0.3 ppm


The quality Toor Dal are thoroughly cleaned and processed by adopting quality methods with latest technology. It’s a solid skinned daal. Properly sealed package to preserve its original properties. We offer Yellow Toor dal with high quality, that confirm to the Industry Standards. To keep dal fresh we packed it in high grade packaging. Being 100% pure & fresh. Our Toor dal has a mild & nutty flavor and rich in taste. Our pulses are packed with the goodness of dietary fibre and vitamins, with no sugar and no cholesterol, our pulses are packed with heart-healthy nutrients.

Health Benefits

* Toor dal contains folic acid
* It contains an important vitamin for all women.
* It represent a low-fat and low-cholesterol alternative.
* Our pulses are good for Sugar & diabetes patients
* Good for heart
* Rich flavor
* Long shelf life
* Good for health
* Our pulses are polish free, Cholesterol free & Gluten free
* No added color
* It provide essential nutrients, fiber and protein.


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