RB Warehouse & Logistics

Adding another feather to our cap of agro-services, we provide warehousing and logistical facilities to our clients.

Our vast network of self owned warehouses spread over Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, offers more than 90,000 MT of storage with the covered area of 500000 sq. ft. ensuring enhanced service for our customers.

Notably 75% of our self-owned warehouses are Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC Covering) based.


Our warehouses are dotted around in all the strategic locations through out central and northern India. And a number of them are under construction.

State-wise locations and other details of our Warehouses.

Our Warehouse Capacity Details

State Locality Capacity in MT
Madhya Pradesh Saugor 12000
Madhya Pradesh Itarsi 8000
Madhya Pradesh Bina 18000
Madhya Pradesh Malthon-Bina Upcoming 16000
Madhya Pradesh Shujalpur 15000
Madhya Pradesh Harda 10000
Rajasthan Kota 7000
Delhi Delhi 4000