Paras Brand Dal & Pulses

A visit to any village of India is incomplete without a hearty and tasty meal made from nature’s best and freshest produces. Such meals, which are largely constituted of delicious dals, create hardworking men, strong women, playful children, and an aged populace that looks life in its very face! Adding the fragrance, taste and health of rustic Indian village life to your busy, day-to-day urban platters is a wide range of Paras Brand Daale.

A product of the hugely reliable and premium brand of R.B. Agro Milling (P) Ltd that has served the nation since 1997, the consumer packs of Paras Brand Daale will be available at hundreds of small and big essential marketplaces of North and North-East India, within a few more months. Coming from the prestigious family of R.B. Agro Milling (P) Ltd, Paras Brand Daale is already creating widespread anticipation for natural purity and value for money that the R.B logo stands for. This brand, which is currently in its bulk packing and sale mode, is known to be suffused with unsurpassed safety, flavors and smells, bringing smiles to more and more families. Each granule of Paras Brand Daale goes through an extended and meticulous manufacturing process that uses the latest and best machineries before it is filled in secure and attractive packages that you can trust. This manufacturing process produces Sortex-clean pulse grains that resound with an avowal to celebrate life in its most nourishing and colorful form! No wonder that lakh of Indians trust nothing but the Paras Brand Daale, when it comes to the need of getting the value for their hard-earned money.

With this brand, your family’s health will be the inspiration for others and your culinary creations will garner the right kind of admiration that you deserve. Paras Brand Daale understands that when you cook, you do it with soul and care; and, each of its products reiterates the language of your gastronomic love!